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Problemas con las paredes En cada parche de Tibia podemos ver como corrigen muchos de los bugs en el mapa o donde sea necesario, pero siempre quedan pequeñas cositas como este behemoth trapeado en un hueco que tiene la pared, en estas raids.
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TibiaPic, as supported Tibia fansite, has right to have his own fansite item. Now TibiaPic is searching for the perfect design for turning on their official item and it will be choosen from a big contest in which every Tibian player will be able to participate.¿Are you good at designing and you have an idea? It\'s time to make you an space in Tibia\'s history by creating your own item. You can read all the details below.

Information and contest rules

Technical details
  • size: 32 x 32 pixel
  • it can be animated, but may contain 16 animation phases at the max
  • it has to be on a monochrome background, that has a color that does not exist in the item itself, e.g. pink
  • it has to be saved either as a bmp, gif or a png file

Content requirements
  • it needs to fit into Tibia\'s setting
  • it should not contain any direct references to a country, e.g. a Brazilian flag
  • it\'s a decoration or fun item only, it will not change any character skills or stats
  • it needs to be a takable item, for example it cannot be solid furniture, but a bedside lamp would be alright
Graphical style
  • it needs to have dark outlines
  • it shouldn\'t be too different from other Tibia items
  • CipSoft\'s content team reserves the right to revise the item

    Further information needed by the content team
  • name of the object
  • description when looking to it (e.g. it was rewarded by fansite xy)
  • weight
  • should it do anything when you "use" it? One of the following options is possible:

    • it can be written on once (e.g., a dedication text)
    • it\'s rewritable
    • it makes sounds and /or has small effects (e.g., "hail fansite xy" + hearts)
    • Puede brillar en la oscuridad, si es así, debes incluir el color
    • should it glow in the dark, and if yes, in which color?

How to send your item
Firstly, your item must make some allusion to TibiaPic, representing it in some way. Secondly, every player can send an entry to the contest, attaching up to 3 different items to It can be the same item in different versions. Every mail should contain:
  • name of the player which should receive the prizes in case of winning
  • game world of the player
  • your personal email

Items must be attached with all that information and the mail should be send to You can make your questions about the contest by sending an email to, but be sure to read the rules carefully before asking anything.

TibiaPic team