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Problemas con las paredes En cada parche de Tibia podemos ver como corrigen muchos de los bugs en el mapa o donde sea necesario, pero siempre quedan pequeñas cositas como este behemoth trapeado en un hueco que tiene la pared, en estas raids.
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Interview To Messiah

Interview to Messiah
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TH: Interview to Messiah: Master Sorcerer (Level 102)
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Messiah... for me and a lot of people he is a legend. Some people love him. Some others hate him. Since he was born, he fought to become the strongest character in Tibia, and he made it to becoming a legends. If you don't know who is Messiah, you can get some information about him in this interview.
At first, what is your name?

Messiah: My name is Daniel, the first owner of Messiah, until around level 50, later my brother Rafa played on it.

TH: How old are you?

Messiah: I have 24 years, when I played Tibia I had about 21-22.

TH: How would you define yourself?

Messiah: I suppose that I could define myself as an intelligent, serious and smart person. A person who think every word that is gonna say and each action before doing it.

TH: Where are you from? Where were you born?

Messiah: I am from Spain, of course , but I would prefer not to say more details. (with it somebody have the half part of my recovery key) :D

TH: Since when you play tibia?

Messiah: I started playing Tibia 4 years ago, Blackd was my first char on Antica (by that time, only that server existed)

TH: Why Messiah and not Blackd?

Messiah: Because Tibia don't let the same name in two servers. Then I had to choose other name on Nova. Messiah is the name of game I liked a lot.

TH: How many chars you had before Messiah?

Messiah: Uff.... A lot , of course Blackd, but I also had Black doom (paladin) and the typical legion of druid for Uh making ...

TH: We know that you was a sorcerer... was there any reason to chose it ?

Messiah: Messiah and my other char of Arcania (Alucarr) always were sorcerers, the sorcers are the only vocation where you can take advantage of your intelligence. The great amount of spells let you make a lot of smart pvp tricks.

TH: Messiah was hated... , can you say why?

Messiah: When i played with Messiah I was good and I protected a newbie clan (LoT) But when my brother got the control of Messiah, he killed all people who messed with him in any little way. The new Messiah killed a lot of people that I protected before. My Brother killed all people that mess directly with him , killed their guilds mates, k their friends and all without contemplation. He said to the people pay or die (the skull system didn't exist, and a lot of people was rooked) In the end, it was all server vs Messiah.

TH: Who won?

Messiah: If CIP had'nt stop Messiah... I would have won, but Cip just deleted my char because Messiah was almost a god, too powerful. Cip won the war.

TH: Somebody won you with Pvp?

Messiah: Sometime somebody managed to kill me. I remember a person from a pk clan, "Ruthless Seven" that killed me one time in a fair 1 vs 1. Then he didnt kill me again...he was almost rooked :)

TH: Could you tell us what was Knightood. It was a guild of power abusers?

Messiah: Knightood was and continues being a powerfull guild with different names... It is a guild based on the trust in the members, with very hard and serious rules. To be able to trust the members of your guild gives you an amazing power. We don't doubt in front of an order, no matter from which member it comes. Knighthood was too powerful and people always use to hate the most powerfull guild of the server. This happened by that time, happens now, and it will always happen.

TH: About your rules : No insulting, No stealing, No ramdom killing , No messing with me , No messing with my friend , No messing with The Knighthood. People follow it?

Messiah: Of course not, people like to break rules, but they died after that. Before there were no skulls, and if some noob mess with you , you could kill him without getting skull. But, i respected newbies, and tolerated a lot of cases , but when my brother got Messiah... he dint made exceptions.

TH: Messiah had any goal? Did he wanted to be the higher level?

Messiah: My brother would like to get Arieswar in level. By that time Arieswar was the higher player in Tibia. I personally already had reached my goals solving a lot of quests (for that reason I left at around lv 50)

TH: Some players consider you a legend, what do you say about it?

Messiah: I suppose that Messiah is truely some kind of legend, as people still keep talking stories about him.

TH: Is true that when you are the higher level gms help you?

Messiah: It is more like the opposite thing. More level, more problems with gms. However I must admit I had a little friend in the gm team. I almost became counsellor but ,when I started to sharing it with my brother, I lost the chance of becoming gm (a shared gm can't be accepted)

TH: How long took Messiah to get level 100?

Messiah: 1 years and some months. Leveling up was harder than now. Getting level 100 was specially hard for a sorcerer.

TH: What you think about the updates?

Messiah: I think that Tibia was more exciting before them, because the skulls system and soulpoints really ruin Tibia.

TH: Do you played in other worlds?

Messiah: It would be possible to read that in the previous questions. To sumerize : Antica, Nova and Arcania . However my brother Rafa ( the other part of Messiah) played in a lot of more worlds .

TH: Two years ago you was level 102, do you think that now you could be the highest level?

Messiah: Without doubt, I would be if Cip didn't deleted my char. My brother plays tibia day and night., he doesn't almost sleep.

TH: Who were your main friends?

Messiah: All members of Knightfood were great friends and some still are now.

TH: Five characters that you consider legends as well.

Messiah: Paca, Sula, Arieswar, Tharkas, Bubble

TH: Who would you kill today if you could?

Messiah: Fosfik (Arcania) because he defeated us with his legion of pls in that server. Few can be done today against a big bunch of noobs that outnumber you (thanks to skull system) Note that Fosfik is spanish too.

TH: How many players were online before?

Messiah: The servers were always full. If CIP could have made more servers, they would have filled all them too. Tibia was too much fun and new by that time. Anyways CIP was starting and they hardly could give service to their 1600 players between Antica and Nova.

TH: If you had to choose a vocation different than sorcerer, what would you choose?

Messiah: If I had to choose something different than a sorcerer...knight . Before last update I would have said paladin.

TH: Well, now we will request you some tactical information. What monsters would you recommend to a sorcerer if all were still working like old times?

Messiah: Demons, is the best to level up at the end (of course, you need ot search a trusty knight that doesn't steal the loot) I think demons are still the best nowadays.

TH: What equipment did you wear in a standard day and in a special day?

Messiah: The best equipment, in any case, becouse I always wore AoL , that protected me 100 % item loss and 100 % exp loss by that time.

TH: What runes did you use to wear? What amount?

Messiah: SDs, Uhs, Gfbs and firebombs, as many as I could carry. I liked to set in flames big areas with firebombs.

TH: How many backpacks did you had in depot?

Messiah: Uff .. hundreds . But all them were nicely sorted in the depots.

TH: Can you remember what skills did you had?

Messiah: Around 34/30 in melee skills and around mag lv 70 , but only my brother can tell exact final numbers.

TH: Did you spent the money in liferings or mana fluids?

Messiah: Uff...yes, I spent a lot of money in mana fluid. However liferings were just trash by that time, something not usefull at all. Well, about manafluids: if I didn't drink more is just because I had no time to drink more. i Never had lack of money.

TH: How many bps did you spent each day?

Messiah: Pff ...around 20 or more, depends what day.

TH: And by that time ... how much costed a bp of SDs, Hmms, Gfbs and Uhs?

Messiah: Bp sd 4k, bp hmm 700gp, bp gfb 800gp, bp UH 1,5k...better prices than nowadays.

TH: What monsters did you used to hunt?

Messiah: Gss, cyclops, dragons, dragon lords ... I soloed all that . With blocker .. Demons and behemonts. I could kill all that solo too, but that would be a waste.

TH: What are the best city for you?

Messiah: Kazoordon, it have the K of Knighthood.

TH: What used to be the best place to hunt?

Messiah: PoH , that was by that time, of course. Nowadays it suck with the turbogss and the chances of getting a Black Widow by surprise. Turned into a zone to avoid nowadays

TH: What is the best monster for exp?

Messiah: Demons (with bloker) // nowaday necros are good for solo exp , being sorcerer

TH: What is the best monsters for fun?

Messiah: Dragon lord, the Draconia one is my favourite

TH: What is the best monster for loot?

Messiah: Demon, it is obvious :)

TH: What advises would you give to beginners and to high levels?

Messiah: To beginners: don't trust blindly at the start, don't join the first guild you see, level up avoiding any kind of potential problem. If you get killed and want revenge, wait to having more level and being in a powerfull guild. To high levels: use more time to explore and investigate quests. Use less time in senseless powergaming over the same monster all the time.

TH: To finish the interview, can you say some words to spanish people?

Messiah: I hope in the future the spanish people can be more united, because so far it seems we have something that get us against ourselves. It is important that a country get united in an online game.